• 5200 Stockdale Hwy- 12-8 daily

  • 10331 Rosedale Hwy- 12-8 daily

  • 8098 Hageman-Mon-Fri 4-8, Sat/Sun 12-8

  • 1305 Allen Rd- Mon-Fri 4-8, Sat/Sun 12-8

  • 4500 Gosford Rd- Mon-Fri 4-8, Sat/Sun 12-8

  • 11050 Olive Dr- Mon-Fri 4-8, Sat/Sun 12-8

  • 4700 Panama Ln- Mon-Fri 4-8, Sat/Sun 12-8

  • 1125 Coffee Rd- Mon-Fri 4-8, Sat/Sun 12-8


We are a locally owned family friendly business. We offer a mobile shaved ice unit for any occasion and with over 52 different flavors to choose from, there is surely a flavor for everyone. We proudly employee 60 plus local teenagers for our 120 day season. It is exciting to be a part of many of their first work experience and watch them get their very first paycheck. We hope their experience starting at Sno Shack takes them on to be successful at whatever they choose to do.

Sno Shack has proudly been serving shaved ice in Bakersfield for 30 years. We are now under new ownership and hope you enjoy the same great flavors as always but with the most recent upgrades, we did over the offseason. We now have all new shavers to provide only the best sno as well as new awnings to keep you and our Shack’aristas out of the summer sun. Thank you for your continued support. We love our fans!!! We accept all credit cards and Apple Pay with an additional .50 cent charge per transaction at all locations.

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